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The famous French impressionist, Edgar Degas, said: Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. That is my ultimate goal with the artworks I create. I find inspiration in any scene that captures my imagination and makes me want to share. To let people see the beauty of nature as if for the first time, or to be in awe of the human body in its ultimate feminine and masculine form.

Like so many artists, emotional pain and turmoil were my triggers to start painting. At first, I didn’t even know how to get the paint onto the canvas. I was fortunate enough to attend art classes presented by Ferina Visser of Piketberg, who allowed her students to develop his or her own individual style.

During my earlier exploratory phase, I painted very realistically, but since then I have realised that less is truly more and I now aim to combine impressionism and realism. Very little manipulation and just single brushstrokes in the right hues are so much more beautiful than painstaking realism and a rigid style.

For my backgrounds I prefer acrylic, before proceeding to oil. I love layers of thick paint with texture. It suits me that oil takes longer to dry, which allows me time to change or paint for longer if I choose to. I use brush and splatter techniques, as well as the pallet knife to add a third dimension to my work.

I have a particular affinity to paint dancers and ballerinas, which probably can be attributed to my somatology studies, which brought home the uniqueness and beauty of the human body, its movement, curves and muscles on the one hand, but on the other hand also the pain, struggle and sacrifice that come with practising art.
Other favourite themes include water, flowers, landscapes and still life.

I am inspired by the Russian artist, Leonid Affrimoff, Daniel Gerhards, and locally Adriaan Boshoff snr.

I have exhibited in a few local art galleries in Hartbeespoort and at farm stalls.

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